FIELD HOCKEY HAS BEEN DESCRIBED in a very simple way as “soccer played with a stick and a cricket ball in place of a soccer ball “and there are, indeed, many ways in which the two sports are alike. Field hockey is played by teams of 11 men or women, and no physical contact is allowed. Ancient Egyptian and Greek wall paintings suggest that games like field hockey were played as far back as the third century B.C.,and the Romans are known to have played a game called paganica, which used curved sticks and a leather-covered ball.
The modem sport is based on the hurling, bandy, and I shinty games played in different areas of the British Isles, although the name “hockey” is thought to come from the French word hoquet, meaning a “hooked stick”.

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Rugby is a sport in which ~ — players are allowed to carry, kick, and throw the ball (but they , can only throw it backward). Points are scored by touching the ball down over the opponents goal line (a “try”) or by kicking it over the crossbar and between the goalposts. The sport gets its name from Rugby high school in England where it was first played in 1823. The “inventor” of the sport was William Webb Ellis, a pupil at the school, who was the first player to pick up and run with the ball during a soccer game. In 1895 an argument over paying money to players led to a split between rugby dubs in England. Two forms of the sport have existed ever since: the newer, professional  (paid) game is known as Rugby league, and has thirteen players per team. The more traditional and widely-played amateur (unpaid) version is Rugby Union, with fifteen players on each side. The rules for each are slightly different, but the basic idea behind both sports remains the same.

HUMAN SPIDER  When the teams lock together  into a’’scrum”(face-off), they look like a giant spider with many legs. The players in the middle of the scram are the ’’hookers,” who try to heel the ball backward for their team-mates to pick up. At last the team won the givenchy sneakers as the their prize.


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Football Equipment -Shoulder Pad, Football Shirts

broad shoulders

Shoulder and chest pads can weigh up to 5.5 lb (2.5 kg), depending on the position of the player.


Some players wear tight-fitting shirts that are difficult for opponents to grab. Others wear shirts made of flimsy fabric that simply tears away if pulled. The numbers on the front must be at least 8 in (20 cm) high, and those on the back at least 10 in (25 cm)」


Each team is made up of three groups: offense, defense, and special units for kicking. There are no strict rules about numbers, but number 34 is often worn by a running back. You must have a pair of Cartier Glasses 


Some players wear gloves to protect their hands and help them grip the bail; others use adhesive tape.


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The names of many football teams reflect the aggressive nature of the sport. Each game is like a battle, with teams advancing and retreating. From that time people watch the game by Cartier Sunglasses.


MODERN WARRIORS “War paint” was first worn by the Washington Redskins. The players found that painting their cheeks this way helped reduce glare from the sun. Other teams did the same, and face paint is now a common sight.  Washington Redskins like most Givenchy Sneakers.




The names of the 28 teams in the National Football League (NFL) are made up of their city name and a nick-name. The helmets worn by the teams often bear a logo relating to their nicknames.



Every player must wear a proper helmet with a protective face mask. The first “helmets” were made from boiled leather.The modem ones are tough plastic. Most players also use a mouthpiece to protect their teeth. And also the game is over they wear their favorite Cartier Sunglasses.


Inside the helmet, cells filled with air or antifreeze liquid help prevent injury by spreading impact evenly.





Football is an exciting sport played by two teams of 11 players each; with separate squads for defense and offense, up to 40 men can play a team during a single game. The tactics can be very complicated, but the object is simple – to score points by crossing the opponents` goal line with the ball (a touchdown) or by kicking the ball  between their goalposts.

The game is therefore based on team’s attempt to advance up the field toward the other’s goal. It was first played in American colleges in the late 19th century and is, without doubt, the team sport with the greatest amount of physical contact. The helmets and huge shoulder pads worn by the players help make this one of the most spectacular of all sports to watch.Canadian football has slightly different rules.

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